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The travel industry is expecting to rebound after the COVID-19 pandemic, but travelers have new expectations in cleanliness and sustainability.

Percentage of consumers who consider safety and cleanliness of establishments an important factor when travelling locally1.

Percentage of travelers state that the pandemic has made them want to travel more sustainably in the future2

Percentage of travelers say they get annoyed if somewhere they are staying stops them from being sustainable, such as by not having recycling facilities2

As a result, it is more important than ever before to strive for a higher level of cleanliness to keep patrons safe while prioritizing sustainable solutions.

As consumers return to travel with heightened expectations of cleanliness, hotels need to ensure that they have an established cleaning process that includes regularly cleaning high-touch areas. Cleaning frequently with industry-leading products will help keep guests and employees safe and minimize the spread of illness.

Guest Room & Amenity Solutions

Improve the perception of clean in patron-facing areas around the facility with cleaning processes to help staff clean and disinfect effectively.

Lobby Solutions

Support productivity, health and wellness, and sustainability initiatives with a variety of products designed to support facility operations.


Utilize our Hospitality Cleaning Checklists to train your staff on appropriate cleaning protocols, including step-by-step instructions on how to clean your facility. Identify high-touch areas and ensure your staff understands the appropriate steps to clean and disinfect all areas of the facility, including:

  • Entrance & Lobby
  • Guest Rooms & Suites
  • Amenity Areas
  • Kitchen, Restaurant and Dining Areas

Featured Products by Space

Guest Rooms & Suites


Elevator Bank

Dining Areas



Conference & Convention Rooms


Implement thorough cleaning procedures to keep patrons safe in rooms and suites.

Complement facility aesthetics in front of house lobby and common areas.

Protect patron well-being with touch free solutions in high-traffic areas.

Enhance patrons’ dining experience with aesthetically-pleasing cleaning and refuse solutions.

Maximize efficiency in kitchens by providing solutions for worker ergonomics and productivity.

Minimize the spread of germs with touch-free solutions in restroom areas.

Utilize best-in class cleaning tools to help reduce the spread of illness in conference rooms.

Keep operations running smoothly with laundry room essentials.

Cleaning Products for All Spaces

HOSPITALITY Product Recommendations

Utilize our Hospitality Product Recommendations brochure to identify RCP products that support facility cleanliness and sustainability efforts, including touch-free products, recycling systems, cleaning solutions, and more.

For more information on Hospitality cleaning guidance, review guidelines from key industry associations, regulatory bodies, and media outlets, including the below:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

American hotel & lodging association

1 Charting the Travel Industry’s Path to Recovery, Trip Advisor 2020, “2021 Sustainable Travel Report”

Contact your RCP representative for more information on Hospitality cleaning guidelines or product solutions.

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