Wall-Mount Automatic Skin Care

Offers the highest quality foam soap in an attractive touch-free dispenser for superior cost savings.


The AutoFoam Dispenser with LumeCel™ Technology is a touch-free dispenser that automatically delivers controlled amounts of soap or sanitizer to help reduce cross-contamination. LumeCel™ technology efficiently powers dispensers using only indoor light and eliminates the need to purchase, store, replace and dispose of alkaline batteries.

AutoFoam with LumeCel™ Dispensers

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The AutoFoam Dispenser is a touch-free, wall-mounted system that dispenses controlled amounts of foam soap or sanitizer automatically to help prevent the spread of germs.

AutoFoam Dispensers

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The AutoFoam Enriched Foam Alcohol Hand Sanitizer formula dispenses in a light, airy consistency and acts quickly to kill microorganisms on hands. Use frequently between handwashes to maintain hand hygiene.

AutoFoam Refills

Mulitple Options Available

The AutoFoam Drip Tray is compatible with AutoFoam and AutoFoam with LumeCel™ Dispensers. Works as a simple solution that can help improve your facility's safety and image.

AutoFoam Drip Tray

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