Wall-Mount Automatic Skin Care

Offers the highest quality foam soap in an attractive touch-free dispenser for superior cost savings.

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AutoFoam with LumeCel™ Dispenser – Black/Chrome

SKU: 1980826

Black/Black Pearl Black/Chrome White/Gray Pearl

The AutoFoam Dispenser with LumeCel™ Technology is a touch-free dispenser that automatically delivers controlled amounts of soap or sanitizer to help reduce cross-contamination. LumeCel™ technology efficiently powers dispensers using only indoor light and eliminates the need to purchase, store, replace and dispose of alkaline batteries.

AutoFoam Dispenser – Black/Chrome

SKU: FG750411

Black/Black Pearl Black/Chrome White/Gray Pearl

The AutoFoam Dispenser is a touch-free, wall-mounted system that dispenses controlled amounts of foam soap or sanitizer automatically to help prevent the spread of germs.

AutoFoam Refill, Enriched Foam Alcohol Hand Sanitizer — E3, 1000 mL

SKU: 2080802

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The AutoFoam Enriched Foam Alcohol Hand Sanitizer formula dispenses in a light, airy consistency and acts quickly to kill microorganisms on hands. Use frequently between handwashes to maintain hand hygiene.

AutoFoam Drip Tray

SKU: 1892265

The AutoFoam Drip Tray is compatible with AutoFoam and AutoFoam with LumeCel™ Dispensers. Works as a simple solution that can help improve your facility's safety and image.