Utility Refuse

All of our products, from the durable BRUTE® to the space-efficient Slim Jim®, feature designs constructed with the highest quality material to ensure a long life in the most extreme commercial environments.

BRUTE® Containers

BRUTE® Vented Containers

43 Options

BRUTE® Food Handling Containers

4 Options

BRUTE® ProSave® Ingredient Containers

3 Options

BRUTE® Accessories

BRUTE® Self-Draining Lids

35 Options

BRUTE® Funnel Top Lids

1 Options

BRUTE® Dome Top Lids

12 Options

BRUTE® Rollouts

BRUTE® Rollout Containers

11 Options

BRUTE® Rollout Container With Casters

13 Options

BRUTE® Step-On Rollout Container

8 Options

Slim Jim® Containers

SLIM JIM® Vented Containers

18 Options

SLIM JIM® Under-Counter Containers

12 Options

Resin Slim Jim® Front Step-On Containers

31 Options

Slim Jim® Accessories

SLIM JIM® Hinge Lid Black

1 Options

SLIM JIM® Resin Trainable Dolly

1 Options

SLIM JIM® Horizontal Lid

24 Options

Wastebaskets & Accessories

Utility Wastebaskets

17 Options

Untouchable® Top/Soft Wastebasket Combo

1 Options

Side Bin Deskside Recycling Containers

6 Options

Untouchable® & Wall Mount Containers

Untouchable Round Containers

3 Options

Untouchable Half Round Containers

2 Options

Untouchable Square Containers

12 Options

Recycling Containers & Accessories

Untouchable Square Recycling Containers

2 Options

Waste Stream Label Kit

4 Options

Recycling Boxes

4 Options


Linear Low-Density Can Liners

12 Options

Resin Rigid Liner For SLIM JIM® Step-On Front Step

7 Options

Resin Dual Liner Set For SLIM JIM® Front Step

3 Options