Dust Mops & Handles

Select from disposable to maximum durability, plus frames and handles.

24" Trapper® Blend Dust Mop, Yellow

SKU: FGJ15300YL00


Trapper® Dust Mop 24" FGJ15300 is a looped-end, balanced-blend dust mop for general-purpose dust mopping. Pretreated, preshrunk, and fully launderable for long product life. Slip-on backing for easy setup. All-sewn construction. Recycled content: up to 65% post-industrial cotton and 35% PET plastic. Made with looped ends that resist fraying and withstand laundering better than cut ends.

24" Microfiber Loop Dust Mop, Green

SKU: FGJ85300GR00


Microfiber Loop Dust Mop 24" features the cleaning power of microfiber combined with famous high-quality Rubbermaid construction.

60" Snap On Wood Dust Mop Handle, Natural

SKU: FGM116000000

Snap-On Dust Mop Handle FGM11600 is an easily sanitized, snap-on, hardwood handle.

60" Snap On Fiberglass Dust Mop Handle, Gray

SKU: FGM146000000

The Rubbermaid Commercial Snap-On Fiberglass Dust Mop Handle is resistant to corrosion and offers a high strength-to-weight ratio.

51" Overhead Dusting Tool with Angled Launderable Head, Extension Handle, Gray

SKU: FGT12000GY00

The sensible solution to routine overhead dusting. This flexible dusting tool extends up to 8 1/2 feet to make cleaning higher ceilings easy. All HiDuster heads are launderable for long product life.

51" Overhead Dusting Tool with Launderable Head, Gray

SKU: FGT11000GY00

This overhead dusting tool extends up to 8 1/2 feet to easily clean higher ceilings. The dusting tool heads are washable to help them last longer. The tools feature a telescoping handle for simple and efficient overhead use.

Overhead Dusting Tool Replacement Head fits FGT11000, FGT12000, FGT13000

SKU: FGT19900WH00

The Rubbermaid Commercial overhead duster head is the sensible solution to your overhead dusting needs. Launderable to increase longevity. Fits No. 4HC18 and 3VA91 overhead dusting tools, sold separately.

24" Snap On Dust Mop Wire Frame, Metal

SKU: FGM253000000


Snap-On Wire Dust Mop Frame 24" FGM25300 is a corrosion-resistant frame. Powder-coated. Heavy-duty metal frame for durable performance.

24" Disposable Cut End Blend Dust Mop, Green

SKU: FGL15300GR00

Green White

Blended Cut-End Disposable Dust Mop 24" has soft, open-twist, blended, cut-end yarn for increased dust pickup.

24" Disposable Cut End Cotton Dust Mop, White

SKU: FGL25300WH00


The Rubbermaid Commercial Disposable Cut-End Cotton Dust Mop is great for general cleaning.

24" Twisted Loop Blend Dust Mop, Blue

SKU: FGJ25300BL00


Twisted-Loop Blend Dust Mop 24" FGJ25300 is a premium prelaundered dust mop that provides maximum durability and optimal cleaning performance. Twisted loops create fuller mop heads with no gaps, offering better coverage than traditional ply yarn and improved collection and retention of dust and dirt particles. Less prone to snagging, fraying, and unraveling. Slip-on backing for easy setup. Durable polyester backing designed for launderable printing. Recycled content: Yellow Mops are up to 62% PIC and 10% PET; Blue Mops are up to 65% PIC and 35% PET. Handles sold separately.

24" Twisted Loop Synthetic Dust Mop, Blue

SKU: FGJ35300BL00


Twisted-Loop Synthetic Dust Mop 24" FGJ35300 is a premium prelaundered dust mop that provides maximum durability and optimal cleaning performance.

30" — 42" Lambswool Duster with Telescoping Plastic Handle, Black

SKU: FG9C04000000

The duster with telescoping black plastic handle has a lamb's wool head. The plastic handle is durable easy to use. Ideal for commercial, industrial, and home environments. Its handle extends to clean hard-to-reach surfaces or high ceilings.

Cut to Length Cotton Dust Mop, White

SKU: FGM15000WH00

The Rubbermaid Commercial Cut-to-Length Dust Mop comes in a 40-foot roll, and cuts big floor cleaning costs down to size.

24" Kut—A—Way® Blend Dust Mop, Blue

SKU: FGK15300BL00

Blue White
Material Type:

Kut-A-Way® Dust Mop 24" FGK15300 is a cut-end mop excellent for general-purpose dust mopping.

24" Kut—A—Way® Cotton Dust Mop, White

SKU: FGK15300WH00


The Rubbermaid Commercial Kut-A-Way Dust Mop is excellent for general purpose dust mopping.