Tote Picking Cart with Angled Shelves

SKU: 2144269

The Tote Picking Cart is a time-saving cart for more efficient and accurate order fulfillment. Ideal for use in distribution centers or retail stores to quickly pick, pack, and fulfill multiple orders with great organization.

  • With three slanted shelves, the Tote Picking Cart is up to 30% more efficient allowing for quicker order picking and fulfillment. *
  • High visibility angled shelves reduce errors in the picking process
  • Pack orders directly into totes on angled shelves rather than on a packing station
  • Slim design allows the cart to fit in the narrowest aisles at just 18.5" wide
  • Easy maneuverability with 4" casters (2 swivel & 2 locking) that allow for easy navigation in busy aisles