Maximizer™ Large Microfiber Wet Mop, Universal Headband, Blue

SKU: 1924812

Maximizer™ Wet Mop's unique design delivers the industry-leading mop spread, providing 30% more floor coverage than the standard wet mop to get the job done efficiently.

  • Weighs 25% less than the standard mop when wrung out – alleviating exertion
  • Specially designed tailband delivers 30% greater spread in use enabling a more efficient cleaning
  • Monofilament microfiber blend allows the Maximizer™ Microfiber Mop to deliver the highest level of absorbency
  • Industry-leading durability developed to withstand up to 100 commercial laundering cycle
  • Universal headband is compatible with any traditional wet mop connection system and durable enough to withstand scrubbing applications

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