WaveBrake® 35 QT Institution Bucket and Wringer, Yellow

SKU: FG759088YEL

The WaveBrake® Institutional Mop Bucket and Wringer features non-metal construction ideal for correctional facilities and healthcare.

  • IMPROVE SAFETY AND PRODUCTIVITY - Patented WaveBrake baffles result in less splashing while mopping and maneuvering, helping to create a safer environment for patrons and staff. Additionally, water stays in the bucket, eliminating unnecessary trips to the storage closet to fill up the bucket, enhancing productivity.
  • 80% LESS SPLASHING - Molded-in WaveBrake baffles disrupt wave formation, reducing splash up to 80% versus leading competitors. *versus competitive U.S. 35qt single compartment mop bucket and wringer, not including divider bucket and accessories.
  • CONVENIENT TO EMPTY - The new generation of the WaveBrake mop bucket is designed to safely empty water with less effort. Sink ledge and a pour spout provide control while lifting and emptying, for a safe and stable emptying process.
  • POUR SPOUT - Prevents water from spilling onto floors while emptying dirty water to help floors remain dry and safe.
  • WRINGS A VARIETY OF MOP SIZES - Wringer effectively wrings a variety of mop sizes, ranging from XS – XL (10oz – 32oz).