Adaptable Flat Mop 18" Frame Deisgned for WaveBrake®

SKU: 2132428

The Adaptable Flat Mop Frame is a thin, flat frame that can easily fit under low objects. Pair the frame with Adaptable Microfiber Pads for ergonomic microfiber mopping in large spaces.

  • Adaptable Mop System offers 2 different usage functions: Tab Function combines powerful microfiber mopping with the trusted WaveBrake® Bucket. Pocket Function allows for simple microfiber mopping with the Spray Mop handle.
  • Floors dry 4X faster when mopping with Adaptable Flat Mop microfiber pads, compared to RCP large cotton string mops
  • Adaptable Flat Mop microfiber pad weighs 70% less when fully soaked than RCP large cotton string mops
  • Frame folds in half when foot pedal is activated for tab mop function to be wrung out in RCP mop bucket, or pocket mop function to be easily connected and released
  • Does not require adjustment to alternate between two different mopping functions