30 Gal Executive Canvas Bag for High Capacity Janitorial Cleaning Carts, Vinyl lining, Black

SKU: 1966888

The Canvas Bag for Housekeeping Carts is a high-capacity waste collection bag that can hold up to 30 gallons of soiled linens or waste; keeping dirty items separate from the rest of the cart.

  • Promotes hygienic cleaning system by separating soiled linens and waste from the rest of the cleaning cart
  • Zippered front allows for easy ergonomic access to waste to make emptying easier
  • Designed with 6 grommets allowing the bag to fit most janitorial cleaning and housekeeping carts
  • Wire waste and recycling dividers are sold separately (Triple Waste Wire Bag Holder FG9T89010000)
  • High-capacity storage bags get jobs done more efficiently

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