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RCP and KINF partnered to identify under-resourced teachers and schools across the country who need critical school supplies, including hand sanitizer.

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RCP, Good360 and FEMA partnered to deliver products needed throughout all stages of disaster to help impacted communities through the recovery journey. 

These partnerships enabled us to donate nearly 1 million hand sanitizer bottles and more than 50,000 commercial foodservice and refuse containers to 40 non-profit organizations across the country.

The map below depicts all the areas across the nation these donations impacted. 

We are thankful for the opportunity to partner with these two organizations and enable them to support those across our nation that need it most. Watch the year in review video below for our 2021 product donations recap. 

For the full story read our press release below. 

Read the Press Release


501 charitable organization, has a mission to transform lives by providing hope, dignity, and a sense of renewed possibility to individuals, families, and communities impacted by disasters or other challenging life circumstances.

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Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

An agency within the US Department of Homeland Security, has a mission to help people before, during and after disasters. In coordination with the federal government, FEMA makes sure America is equipped to prepare for and respond to disasters.

Kids In Need Foundation (KINF)

National 501(c)(3) charitable organization, believes that every child in America should have equal opportunity and access to a quality education and provides the support needed for teachers to teach and learners to learn in under-resourced schools. Each year through their programs and National Network of Resource Centers, KINF supports more than 5 million kids and nearly 200,000 teachers across the country.

Kids in Need Foundation

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