More Than a Cleaner

 Week of Celebration & Appreciation 

Throughout the week of 9/26, ahead of National Custodian Day on 10/2, Rubbermaid Commercial Products visited over 15 facilities across the United States to personally thank those who work hard and make a difference behind the scenes every day to help keep us healthy and safe. We recognize the increased need for more in-depth cleaning has made an already difficult job, even more challenging. 

These Behind the Scenes of Clean events are an integral part of the Rubbermaid Commercial Products business and partnerships, and we are excited to see how these events continue to grow and evolve. Watch the events recap video below to learn more. 

Custodian (n):

The quiet hero. The first to arrive each day, cleaning up messes no one dares to touch and befriending everyone that passes by. Also known as superheroes.

In-Person Events

Our leadership team visited different locations across the county to bring recognition to the heroes that keep our facilities clean and thanked over 3,500 custodians. RCP thanks those on the ground who make a difference behind the scenes. The map below depicts all the locations we visited for this special appreciation week. 

Map of RCP Visits

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