back to clean

Utilize vertical cleaning checklists to train your staff on appropriate cleaning protocols, including step-by-step instructions on how to clean your facility. Identify high-touch areas and ensure your staff understands the appropriate steps to clean and disinfect all areas of the facility.


Utilize product recommendation brochures to identify targeted products by vertical to support facility cleanliness, including touch free products, hand sanitizer stations, microfiber solutions, and more.

Property Management

Employee trust in the traditional office post-COVID is fragile, with 61% of office employees indicating that they would prefer office layout changes to ensure a 6 foot social distance and 74% of employees demanding increased cleaning frequencies.2 RCP’s Property Management & Office Back to Clean tools support employers and property managers in making employee health & safety a priority.

Higher Education

As colleges and universities work to overcome changes to the traditional learning environment and campus life, the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff is of the utmost importance. RCP’s Higher Education Back to Clean guide will assist Higher Education executives and staff in successfully planning for a return to campus through proper planning, heightened cleaning efficacy, and improved communication.

K-12 Schools

As primary and secondary schools across the country begin to reopen, costs for an in-person education are expected to increase significantly.3 RCP’s K-12 Back to Clean guide supports schools in optimizing their funding through durable, long-lasting products that support can help create safe, clean environments for students when they are able to return.

Acute Care

The American Hospital Association estimates that the COVID-19 financial impact for America’s hospitals and health systems is over $51B per month.5 RCP’s Acute Care Back to Clean guide will support healthcare systems in refining protocols to ensure patient and staff safety, enabling healthcare facilities to reopen for elective procedures and return to financial stability.

Long Term Care

COVID-19 has disproportionately affected Long Term Care populations, with over 40% of COVID deaths linked to nursing home facilities.4 RCP’s Long Term Care Back to Clean guide supports Long Term Care facilities in identifying industry-leading products and protocols that will help keep residents safe and minimize the spread of illness and infection.


According to a recent TripAdvisor survey, nearly 9 in 10 consumers indicate that hotel cleanliness will be “very important” when selecting hotel accommodations post-COVID.6 RCP’s Hospitality Back to Clean guide provides targeted cleaning protocols and product recommendations to support hotels in identifying proper cleaning processes and tools with increased efficacy.

Manufacturing & Distribution Centers

Post-COVID, 70% of employees expect more resources from employers to maintain proper hygiene at work.1 RCP’s Distribution Center & Manufacturing Back to Clean guide provides vertical-specific tools to support distribution and manufacturing facilities in protecting workers and maximizing efficiency through basic infection prevention measures.


Studies show that 90% of restaurant patrons indicate their perception of hygiene practices influences their decision to patronize.1 RCP’s Foodservice Back to Clean tools provide targeted cleaning processes and product solutions to support restaurants in alleviating patron concerns and keeping guests and employees safe.


Though consumer requirements toward hygiene increased quickly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, experts predict that preferences will not quickly return to “normal”, as over 80% of shoppers indicate that their perception of hygiene practices influences decisions around where they will shop post-COVID.1 RCP’s Retail Back to Clean tools will support retail stores in reassuring customers of their commitment to hygiene and a safe shopping experience.

Stadiums & Arenas

Studies show that 80% of patrons indicate that their perception of an entertainment venue’s hygiene practices will influence their decision to patronize.1 RCP’s Stadium & Arena Back to Clean tools support entertainment venue facility managers in safely preparing for a return to live events.


Rubbermaid Commercial Products is ready to assist your facility with guidance and product solutions that help promote and maintain a clean and safe environment. Reach out your RCP Representative directly or contact us with questions or product inquiries.


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