Prepare your facility for increased use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with dedicated waste receptacles for the collection of used masks and gloves.

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New: ppe waste stream labels

Equip your facility with Utility and Decorative Refuse containers that have a dedicated PPE waste stream to help patrons and employees effectively dispose of masks and gloves. For the safest possible disposal, pair PPE labels with an open-top receptacle for a touch-free experience.

Slim Jim Recycling Station PPE Label 

Decorative Refuse PPE Label

expertly designed waste stream labels

 Labels feature waste stream icons and verbiage that are proven to encourage proper disposal

visual cues

Waste stream icon and verbiage

encourage proper disposal of PPE


Separate color creates consistent visual

cue for patrons and staff

touch-free disposal

Pair with an open top container for

touch-free disposal of waste

build a customizable slim Jim® recycling station

Pick and choose waste stream labels to meet facility needs

1. Select the Slim Jim® Recycling Station Starter Kit. You will need as many starter kits as streams you want in your stations. 

2. Choose a lid insert for each base. Choose your color and opening type. 

3. Coordinate the Billboard to match your lid inserts. 

4. Add the PPE Waste Stream Label 

Pairing ppe label with decorative refuse containers

The new Decorative Refuse PPE Waste Stream Label fits a variety of Decorative Refuse containers including Silhouettes, Atrium, and Crowne.