Durability. Trust. Innovation. Proven performance.

These words don’t just describe our products… they describe our brand.
These words have been proven true throughout the history of our company.
define who we are today and who we will continue to be tomorrow.

For 50 years, Rubbermaid Commercial 
Products® (RCP) has pioneered world-class product
solutions that meet the challenging demands of 
commercial facilities while outperforming
and outlasting the competition.

Products tailored and designed to address the distinct needs of many different environments can be spotted rolling through the corridors of hospitals, hotels, sports stadiums, office buildings, restaurants, and airports around the world.

From bath mats to the BRUTE® to the first resin-molded mop bucket, a lot has happened since 1968, but our commitment to manufacturing excellence has never wavered.

Today, we are proud to be the global leader of the commercial cleaning industry, delivering exceptional products that simply work better than the rest. In another 50 years, RCP will still be the industry leader due to our resilience, toughness and courage.

Featured Products in the 2019 RCP Booth

Disposable Mop

Rubbermaid Commercial Products new Disposable Mop helps workers reduce the spread of dirt and grime, resulting in cleaner floors. Made of a recycled, non-woven material, the Disposable Wet Mop is designed for one-shift use to deliver a consistent clean in demanding, commercial environments.

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New Generation WaveBrake®

Launched in October 2018, Rubbermaid Commercial Products New Generation WaveBrake® Mop Bucket & Wringer features structural web-molded plastic construction to ensure the highest quality and durability you have come to expect while delivering industry-leading performance. The New Generation WaveBrake® allows users to clean floors with less effort to get the job done safer.

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Spill Mop

The new Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) Spill Mop cleans spills in half the time of an RCP cotton string mop, leaving a safer and drier floor. Spills happen unexpectedly, creating hazards for patrons and staff, but with the help of the Spill Mop's easy disposability and accessibility, injuries are avoidable. The mop's pads are designed for one-time use and are compact enough to fit in most storage areas.

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Sturdy Chair™ High Chair

A new federal standard (ASTM F404-18) has been approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to improve the safety of high chairs in the United States. This regulation will go into effect on all high chairs manufactured or imported after June 19, 2019. The Sturdy Chair™ High Chair is a safe and secure seating solution for your youngest patrons. ALL RCP HIGH CHAIRS ARE COMPLIANT WITH ASTM STANDARDS.

Sturdy Chair™ Youth Seats with Wheels

ProSave® Food Storage Mobile Bins

ProSave® Ingredient and Food Storage Mobile Bins are bulk food storage containers. The product line has offerings with wheels and without wheels. With a slanted front, sliding opening, and 32-ounce scoop, these food storage containers makes it easy to transport ingredients. The wheeled version of these containers features 2 fixed front casters and 2 swivel rear casters that provide superior maneuverability. The mobile bin has a white bottom and clear lid for easy identification of ingredients.

ProSave® Mobile Ingredient Bins, Slant Front

FreshWorks™ Produce Saver

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products FreshWorks™ Produce Saver regulates the flow of oxygen and ethylene, creating the optimal environment to store fruits and vegetables. By allowing the produce to “breathe”, they stay at their peak freshness for a longer period of time, reducing the amount of food thrown away due to spoilage. *Based on produce stored in Rubbermaid Commercial Products FreshWorks™ Produce Saver vs traditional food box.

Freshworks™ Produce Saver Sets

ProServe™ Delivery Bags

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products ProServe™ Delivery Bags are a durable solution for transporting food. The ProServe™ Delivery Bags keep food warm or cold for up to 2 hours and will prevent soggy food. ProServe™ Delivery Bags are dishwasher-safe with a moisture-resistant outer shell.

ProServe® Professional Delivery Bags - Catering

ProServe™ Lightweight Insulated Carriers

ProServe™ Lightweight Insulated Carriers are a durable solution for transporting food. ProServe™ Lightweight Insulated Carriers keep food warm or cold for up to 4 hours with insulated siding and ensure thermal retention. These insulated carriers are durable, yet lightweight, lighter than foam-filled carriers and durable enough to withstand commercial dishwashers.

Proserve® Insulated End-Load Full-Pan Carrier Gray Small

Slim Jim® Under-Counter Containers

Slim Jim® Under-Counter Containers are designed to fit perfectly under counters, creating a space-saving solution for commercial kitchens. The large, angled opening improves productivity by eliminating the need to pull containers out from under the counter.

Slim Jim® Under-Counter Containers (1)

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