Health And Safety Truck

Orlando, Jacksonville, Palm Beach

This week, the Health and Safety Truck traveled all over Florida. While in Florida, I worked heavily with Krista Purcell, Neil Sullivan and Joy Paz. Together, we completed multiple end-user visits and DSR trainings. The first four days I made multiple stops between Jacksonville and Orlando before eventually headed south towards Palm Beach. The truck made several stops at several unique locations such as Lockheed Martin and the Sanford Airport! Most notably, I went to VA Hospital Lake Nona. The hospital staff was engaging and asking relevant questions pertaining to our products and their field of healthcare. I had 10-15 directors and choosers visit to see products on the truck. This event highlighted the importance of the different Microfiber systems and how critical it is to break the chain of infection. Likewise, the staff of the VA Hospital Lake Nona related to the Spill Mop Kit and how it consistently helps them prevent slips, while also picking up potential spills.

The whole week I had great weather, customer engagements, and numerous key decision makers come out to tour the truck! The Health and Safety Truck brought frequent end users and choosers to not only see the product but get to use it!

by Hunter Lewis



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