Over the last 50 years, RCP has consistently delivered exceptional product solutions that meet the challenging demands of commercial facilities while outperforming and outlasting the competition.

To our distributor partners, we are beyond grateful for the value you bring to our business. Your loyal dedication to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction has helped make RCP the trusted brand we are today.

Here’s to 50 more.

Featured Products in the 2018 RCP Booth

Disposable Mop

The RCP Disposable Mop reduces the spread of dirt and grime for cleaner floors. Made from 99% recycled, non-woven material, the Disposable Mop removes 3x more dirt and grease than a traditional RCP economy cotton mop, delivering a better clean.

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New Generation WaveBrake®

The New Generation WaveBrake® industry-leading splash reduction is even better and introduces new features to help clean floors with less effort to help get the job done safer. A built-in, foot-operated drain helps eliminate the strain of lifting and bending when emptying. A new, dependable wringer is designed to last 5 years or 200,000 wringing cycles.

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Spill Mop

The Spill Mop cuts the overall time required to completely remove a spill in half versus a cotton string mop. Spill Mop Pads are made with highly absorbent material designed so that liquid turns into gel once fully absorbed eliminating dripping.

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Scrubbing Wet Mop

The Scrubbing Wet Mop features an integrated scrubbing headband that removes stuck-on messes faster without interrupting the mopping process.

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Housekeeping Cart Bumpers

Newly designed impact-absorbing bumpers area easy to install and absorb the impact from the cart to the wall minimizing costly wall damage.

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Heavy Duty Adaptable Cart

The Heavy Duty Adaptable Cart provides superior versatility for tackling whatever task is at hand. It reduces the need for time-consuming user modifications with a variety of integrated features.

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Slim Jim® Recycling Station

An adaptable recycling solution that offers a front-of-house look with back-of-house functionality.

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BRUTE® Outdoor Accessories

BRUTE® Construction and Landscape & Multi-Surface Dollies are built to easily maneuver over rough terrain for superior handling of heavy loads. Ergonomically designed features ensure worker safety in the toughest conditions.

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MAXIMIZER™ Cleaning Tools

MAXIMIZER™ Cleaning Tools are a collection of wet and dry cleaning tools designed to reduce cleaning time by completing tasks faster and reducing the steps in cleaning.

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LumeCel™ Technology

An innovative rechargeable energy system that captures energy from indoor lighting and transforms light into power, eliminating the need for alkaline batteries, costly maintenance, and pricey disposal.

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