Rubbermaid’s new TCell 2.0 continuous odor control system is sleek, modern and compact, utilizing advanced Fuel Cell Technology to deliver a precise timed dose of high quality fragrance. It’s also orientation independent and spill resistant with the ability to mount to an array of vertical or horizontal surfaces.

Compact Design

With its compact design and the ability to be mounted on a variety of surfaces, the TCell 2.0 is a great fit for offices, lobbies, and other common areas where unpleasant odors can put a damper on the environment.

Spill Resistant Design

TCell 2.0's orientation independence and spill resistant design provide the ability to mount to an array of vertical surfaces - walls, ceilings, and even furniture.

Fuel Cell Technology

TCell 2.0 is battery free, VOC exempt and silently operates by utilizing innovative Fuel Cell Technology. The Fuel Cell creates hydrogen molecules directly in the refill’s formula chamber when installed inside the dispenser. As each molecule of hydrogen is created, it forces an equal amount of fragrance and odor neutralizer out of the chamber. From there, natural airflow distributes the fragrance and odor neutralizer throughout the space, covering up to 6,000 cubic feet.

Select Fragrances

RCP offers a variety of clean, fresh fragrances, including the new Elegance, Opulence and Decadence fragrances, all of which contain Microtrans™ Technology, an odor neutralizer. TCell 2.0 fragrances last either 30 or 45 days, depending on the dispenser setting selected. This flexibility in programming and the variety of fragrance options available, satisfies the diversity of consumer needs and preferences.

Highlighted Features

  • Battery-free, passive system
  • Orientation independent
  • Spill-resistant
  • Silent, discrete operation
  • VOC exempt
  • 30 or 45 day fragrance dispensing option
  • Available in 4 color options
Highlighted Product

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