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Infinity™ Smoking Management Solutions
Sophisticated styling and all-metal construction for attractive and efficient smoking litter management. Includes unobstructed funnels to reduce jamming during cigarette disposal.

7 products

GroundsKeeper® Receptacles
Classic style, all-weather solution to an unsightly environmental problem.

3 products

Classic Smoking Urns and Accessories
Perfect in lobbies and hallways.

5 products

Ash/Trash Containers
Combines waste and smoking management.

4 products

Fiberglass Ash/Trash Containers
Contemporary dual-purpose ash/trash receptacles save space and help keep areas clean.

10 products

Inset funnel top or sand top lifts off for easy emptying of rigid plastic liners.

3 products

Milan Collection
Classical design complements any upscale décor. Perfect for hotel lobbies, shopping malls, and convention centers

5 products

Aladdin Smokers' Station®
Weather-resistant, fire-safe steel construction will not burn.

2 products

Smokers' Pole
Simple, space saving solution for controlling smokers' waste.

1 product

Smokers' Station® Wall Mount
Simply snuff out cigarettes on the extinguishing screen and drop into the receptacle.

6 products

Metropolitan Smokers Station
The Metropolitan Smokers’ Station meets the need in the market for efficient cigarette litter management.

1 product

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