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BRUTE® Round Containers
BRUTE® trash cans are designed with 4 built-in venting channels that allow air to flow into the container making liners up to 50% easier to lift out which improves productivity and reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

24 products

BRUTE® Dollies
A wide range of accessories make the BRUTE Container more versatile and efficient. Your toughest job just got a whole lot easier.

8 products

BRUTE® Rim Caddy
A wide range of accessories make the BRUTE Container more versatile and efficient. Your toughest job just got a whole lot easier.

3 products

BRUTE® Square Containers
Use for central medical waste collection and disposal or in high volume generation areas such as operating rooms.

6 products

BRUTE® Rollout Containers
BRUTE® Rollouts are ideal for collecting, consolidating, and transporting facility waste. Commercial-grade construction from high quality materials and heavy-duty wheels withstand the rigors of everyday waste collection indoors and outdoors.

34 products

Executive Series BRUTE® Round Containers
Durable, heavy-duty containers for a variety of uses.

2 products

Executive Series BRUTE® Accessories
Snaps securely onto the rim of BRUTE® 44-Gallon Containers.

1 product

Are you a trash-talking sports fanatic or the biggest Packers fan in your neighborhood? Then show your team loyalty with this NFL officially licensed made by Rubbermaid Commercial Products in partnership with Wild Sports.

33 products

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