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Platform Trucks

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Platform Trucks
Ideal for moving large, heavy loads in almost any environment

11 products

Convertible Platform Trucks
Unique, convertible design quickly transforms the bulk load capacity of a standard platform truck to the functionality of a heavy-duty 2-shelf utility cart

2 products

Convertible A Frame Trucks
Unique, convertible design quickly transforms into multiple truck and cart configurations and is perfect for transporting sheet goods, pipe, lumber, bar stock, tools, and supplies in one trip

1 product

Heavy-Duty Platform Convertible Wagon
Ideal for transporting heavy or bulky loads in manufacturing, industrial, and groundskeeping settings.

3 products

Semi-Live Skid
Perfect for temporary moving and storing of material, parts, and supplies

4 products

5th Wheel Truck
Ideal for moving large, heavy loads in most any indoor and out environment

6 products

Dunnage Rack
Perfect for storing frozen, cold, or dry goods inventory off of the floor

3 products

Side Panel Platform Trucks
Ideal for transporting & retaining small packages & materials

5 products

Work-Height Platforms
Unique, adjustable design places platform deck at comfortable, ergonomic work height

3 products

Stanchion Platform Trucks
Perfect for moving & storing long, bulky items of roll goods, pipe & lumber

3 products

Sheet and Panel Trucks
Ideal for moving large, hard-to-handle items including sheet panels, doors, lumber, tables, mattresses, and cubicle walls

3 products

A-Frame Panel Trucks
Ideal for safely moving large, bulky sheet and panel goods

3 products

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