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Metal Housekeeping Carts
Larger capacity, customizable accessories, and ergonomic design save time and money.

6 products

High Capacity Cleaning Carts
Flexible, high capacity storage solutions and tool organization.

2 products

Cleaning Carts
Collect waste and transport tools for efficient cleaning.

3 products

Triple Capacity Carts
High capacity bags (sold separately) provide multi-stream waste sortation for efficient, cost-effective recycling.

1 product

Microfiber Cleaning Carts
A complete system solution for your microfiber cleaning needs. All the features found in the 9T72 cart, plus...

2 products

High Security Healthcare Cleaning Carts
A complete system solution optimized for cleaning in Healthcare facilities.

1 product

Deluxe Paneled Carts
Housekeeping carts with upscale features and appearance.

2 products

Compact Housekeeping Carts
Ergonomic and lightweight housekeeping solutions.

3 products

Cleaning Cart Accessories
Product to enhance productivity.

25 products

Classic Housekeeping Carts and Accessories
A complete system solution for housekeeping in the hospitality industry.

12 products

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