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  • Dishwasher safe design for thorough sanitation
  • Field Calibration – no additional tools required
  • Anti-roll design keeps thermometers from rolling off tables
  • Heavy duty construction featuring premium grade 304 stainless steel
  • Clear, magnified easy-to-read dials; no more squinting to read temperatures; dials are clearly marked
  • Shatter resistant lens
  • Protective sheath included

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THP220DS Dishwasher Safe Pocket Thermometer


  U.S. Metric
Capacity (Weight):
Capacity [Foodservice]:
platform size:
Carton Length: 8.0 in 20.3 cm
Carton Width: 8.0 in 20.3 cm
Carton Height: 3.4 in 8.6 cm
power source:
Probe Length: 5 inches
Temperature Degree Increments: 2F
Temperature Range: 0-220F
Carton Cube: 1/8 ft3
Ship Weight/Carton: 0.85 lb 0.39 kg

Pack Quantity: 12
Cartons Per Pallet: 0

Additional Information:

Product Sell Sheets: RCP_FSP733_Thermometer.pdf
Chemical Resistance Guide: chem.pdf

Available Colors

Order # Color Product UPC/
UCC Code
FGTHP220DS N/A 077177404504 /

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