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Traditional flat blades for scraping and spoon-shaped blades for easy spooning, scooping and spreading.

  • Blades molded onto handles for permanent bond.
  • Seamless construction resists dirt or bacteria build up.
  • All handles and blades are white.
  • Commercial dishwasher safe.

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1905 Scraper


  U.S. Metric
Length: 13.5 in 34.3 cm
Capacity (Weight):
Capacity [Foodservice]:
platform size:
power source:
Carton Cube: 0.52 ft3 0.01 m3
Ship Weight/Carton: 8 lb 3.63 kg

Pack Quantity: 36
Cartons Per Pallet: 112
Material: PP Handle/SEBS Blade
Process: Dual-Injection/Injection

Additional Information:

Chemical Resistance Guide: chem.pdf
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UCC Code
FG190500 0000 0000 086876155525 /


Products in Scrapers / Spoon-Shaped Spatulas
Item # Description Length Material Process
1901 Scraper 9.5 in PP Handle/SEBS Blade Dual-Injection/Injection
1905 Scraper 13.5 in PP Handle/SEBS Blade Dual-Injection/Injection
1906 Scraper 16.5 in PP Handle/SEBS Blade Dual-Injection/Injection
1913 Scraper-Icing Blade 9.5 in PP Handle/SEBS Blade Dual-Injection/Injection
1933 Spoon-Shaped Spatula 9.5 in
1934 Spoon-Shaped Spatula 13.5 in
1938 Spoon-Shaped Spatula 16.5 in

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