Keystone Series™

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Extremely durable steel and precast concrete construction endures constant use and harsh weather conditions.

  • 20"diameter X 23"H
  • Precast concrete treated with water repellent sealer.
  • Wick and drain hole prevents water accumulation.
  • Light sand blast finish
  • No assembly required.

KSM10 Urn


  U.S. Metric
Height: 23.0 in 58.4 cm
Product Cube:
Product Weight:
Carton Cube:
Carton Height: 50.0 in 127.0 cm
Carton Length: 42.0 in 106.7 cm
Carton Width: 42.0 in 106.7 cm
Diameter: 20.0 in 50.8 cm
Pallet Cube:
Pallet Gross Weight:
Pallet Height:
Pallet Length:
Pallet Width:
Quantity Per Pallet:
Volume Capacity [Nom]:
Volume Capacity [Max]:
Volume Capacity [Min]:
Carton Cube: 27.60 ft3
Ship Weight/Carton: 215 lb 97.52 kg

Pack Quantity:
Cartons Per Pallet: 0
Material: Concrete

Additional Information:

Chemical Resistance Guide: chem.pdf

Available Colors

Order # Color Product UPC/
UCC Code
FGKSM110 7000 9759103935-9 /
FGKSM10 8000 97591039366 /
N/A SB Exception getting colors for product (KSM10):java.lang.NullPointerException

Products in Keystone Series™
Item # Description Height Length Width
KSB Bench 21.0 in 72.0 in 18.00 in
KSM10 Urn 23.0 in
KSM32 Open Top 33.0 in
KSR12SU Ash/Trash Higned Top Receptacle 32.5 in
KSR36WU Hinged Top W/ Weather Urn
KSR48SD Front Door 42.0 in
KSR48SDWU Front Door w/ Weather Urn

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