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The Defenders® medical step cans comply with OSHA standards on bloodborne pathogens for the safe containment of infectious waste. Meets Federal OBRA regulations.

  • 19"sq x 30"H.
  • 40 gal mobile stainless steel square step can.
  • Chrome handle and rubber wheel kit for easy mobility.
  • Complies with the OSHA Standards.
  • Foot pedal for "hands free" operation.
  • Piano hinge lid has restraining mechanism.
  • Retainer bands to hold poly bag.
  • UL Listed, FM Approved
  • 19"sqx30"H.
  • 40 gal stainless steel square step can.
  • Piano hinge lid has restraining mechanism to prevent lid from traveling backwards.
  • Rigid plastic liner(PL).
  • State Fire Marshal Listed.
  • UL Listed, FM Approved
  • Foot pedal for "hands free" operation Retainer bands to hold poly bag securely in place and out of sight.

ST40 Step Can w/Wheels


  U.S. Metric
Carton Height: 32.8 in 83.2 cm
Carton Length: 23.0 in 58.4 cm
Carton Width: 23.5 in 59.7 cm
Height: 30.0 in 76.2 cm
Square: 19.0 in 48.3 cm
Volume Capacity [Nom]:
Volume Capacity [Max]:
Volume Capacity [Min]: 40 gal 151.4 L
Certification [The Defenders®]: CSFM, FM, UL
Carton Cube: 9.30 ft3
Ship Weight/Carton: 44 lb 19.96 kg

Pack Quantity:
Cartons Per Pallet: 0
Material: Stainless Steel

Additional Information:

Chemical Resistance Guide: chem.pdf

Available Colors

Order # Liner Color Product UPC/
UCC Code
FGST40SSPL PL SS 097591074145 /
FGST40SSRB RB SS 097591074121 /
FGST40SWPL PL SW 097591073957 /
FGST40SWRB RB SW 097591073919 /

Stainless Steel


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