Kut-A-Way® Dust Mops

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Cut-end mop excellent for general purpose dust mopping.

  • Pre-laundered and pre-shrunk.
  • Launderable for long product life.
  • Envelope backing style.

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K155 Kut-A-Way® Dust Mop


  U.S. Metric
Width: 5.0 in 12.7 cm
Length: 36.0 in 91.4 cm
Carton Cube: 1.92 ft3 0.09 m3
Ship Weight/Carton: 16 lb 7.26 kg

Pack Quantity: 12
Cartons Per Pallet: 16

Additional Information:

Product Sell Sheets: RCP_SM709_Wet_and_Dust_Mops.pdf
Chemical Resistance Guide: chem.pdf

Available Colors

Order # Color Product UPC/
UCC Code
FGK15500 WH00 WH00 086876050677 /
FGK15500 BL00 BL00 086876082913 /



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K153 Kut-A-Way® Dust Mop 5.00 in 24.0 in
K155 Kut-A-Way® Dust Mop 5.00 in 36.0 in
K157 Kut-A-Way® Dust Mop 5.00 in 48.0 in
K158 Kut-A-Way® Dust Mop 5.00 in 60.0 in
K159 Kut-A-Way® Dust Mop 5.00 in 72.0 in

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