Carpet Bonnets

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Use with a standard rotary floor machine for intensive carpet maintenance.

  • Standard thickness, original blend (P1 Series) bonnets work well with either shampoo or solvent based chemicals. Use with a 175 RPM floor machine.
  • The low-profile (P3 Series) bonnet provides improved operator control on rotary floor machines from 175-300 RPM.
  • The low-profile bonnet with scrub strips (P4 Series) adds additional scrubbing action for improved cleaning performance.

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P271 Low Profile with Green Scrub Strips Bonnet


  U.S. Metric
Diameter: 21.0 in 53.3 cm
Carton Cube: 1.94 ft3 0.07 m3
Ship Weight/Carton: 10 lb 4.54 kg

Pack Quantity: 5
Cartons Per Pallet: 24

Additional Information:

Chemical Resistance Guide: chem.pdf

Available Colors

Order # Color Product UPC/
UCC Code
FGP27100 WH00 WH00 086876120578 /


Products in Carpet Bonnets
Item # Description Diameter Length
P117 Standard Thickness Bonnet 17 in
P119 Standard Thickness Bonnet 19 in
P121 Standard Thickness Bonnet 21 in
P257 Low-Profile Bonnet 17 in
P259 Low-Profile Bonnet 19 in
P261 Low-Profile Bonnet 21 in
P267 Low Profile with Green Scrub Strips Bonnet 17 in
P269 Low Profile with Green Scrub Strips Bonnet 19 in
P271 Low Profile with Green Scrub Strips Bonnet 21 in

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