Rubbermaid Commercial Products holds the following certifications:

Rubbermaid Commercial Products holds the following certifications:
ISO  |  ASTM  |  CSA  |  FDA  |  FM  |  ADA  |  HACCP  |  ISTA  |  NSF  |  UL  |  TÜV SÜD  | 
Rubbermaid Commercial Products LLC

Rubbermaid Commercial Products LLC

BS EN ISO 9001:2000/Winchester, VA
3124 Valley Avenue
Winchester, Virginia 22601, USA
Certificate Number FM 31148

BS EN ISO 9001/Cleveland, TN
2000 Overhead Bridge Road
Cleveland, Tennessee 37312, USA
Certificate Number FM 33122

Rubbermaid Commercial Products LLC operates a quality management system which complies with the requirements listed above.


ISO is an internationally recognized quality management system that provides:
  • Guidance for businesses that want to implement or improve quality systems within their business;
  • Benchmarks that customers can use to evaluate a supplier's quality system.
ISO Certification of the Commercial Products Facilities perfectly embodies Rubbermaid principles:
  • ISO certification represents a commitment to continuous value improvement. Rather than look at particular products, ISO reviews the systems and procedures through which businesses assure quality products.
  • ISO certification shows that a company has built a culture of quality.
  • ISO certification demonstrates a commitment to world class quality systems and the global marketplace.

Link: www.ISO.org


ASTM International

ASTM F-404-99 is an American Society for Testing and Materials' safety standard for evaluating a High Chair. A "test dummy" that simulates a child of predetermined size is strapped into the chair and various push, pull and racking tests are conducted on the chair and also using the dummy to simulate forces required to remove dummy, to determine the safety aspects of ensuring proper confinement within the chair without causing harm to the child.

Link: www.astm.org


CSA Certified (Canadian Safety Association)



Food and Drug Administration does not approve products.The FDA sets regulations which require compliance.

Link: www.fda.gov


FM Approved

Factory Mutual is an independent testing agency whose approvals are based on Standard 6921 Combustible Waste Containers. Standard 6921 is performance criteria for containers with covers (lids) and their ability to withstand internal fires, maintain a certain range of stability, if dumped, and stay intact over a wide temperature range.

Link: www.fmglobal.com



  • The ADA prohibits discrimination and ensures equal opportunity for persons with disabilities in employment, State and local government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities, and transportation.
  • Rubbermaid Commercial Products refuse containers need to comply with the ADA regulations; as long as "access openings" for containers are below 48", containers are compliant to ADA regulations.

Link: www.ada.gov


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points is a systematic method using principles (Food Hygiene Practices) for analyzing a food process and determining the possible chemical, physical, and biological hazards within that process, that should prevent any unsafe food from leaving the process (this process could be for a food processing plant or food preparation in a restaurant). The seven principles are: 1. Application, 2. HACCP Plan Validation, 3. Quality Manual Review, 4. On-site Readiness Review, 5. Registration Audit,
6. Registration, 7. Surveillance.

Link: www.cfsan.fda.gov



International Safe Transit Association. The Compacted Mops were tested and certified via ISTA Test Procedures.

Link: www.ista.org


NSF International

NSF International is an independent testing lab/organization in Ann Arbor, Michigan. NSF lists products which meet their criteria for cleanability and sanitation: food contact, splash zone and non-food contact, per Standard 2: Food Equipment and Standard 18: Manual Beverage Dispensers. Also, Standard 21: Thermoplastic Refuse Containers.

Link: www.nsf.org


Underwriters Laboratory

Underwriters Laboratory The UL classified baskets (2540, 2541, 2542, 2543, 2544) meet the criteria for UL Standard 242 which is a standard of performance for open top, non-metallic wastepaper containers. UL classified baskets are generally found in use in patient care rooms (hospitals/nursing homes).

Link: www.ul.com



TÜV SÜD Group is a leading technical service company active in the Industry, Product and Transport sectors. Its range of services encompasses consultancy, inspections, tests and expert opinions as well as certification and training. Their objectives are reliability, safety and quality as well as environmental protection and cost effectiveness.

Link: www.tuev-sued.de/international.asp



United States Department of Agriculture Equipment Listing (Meat and Poultry and 3A Dairy Listing). Items that comply with USDA regulations via the design, construction, and materials of a product.

Link: www.usda.gov


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency delivers all federal inspection services related to food; animal health; and plant protection.

R012 Rubbermaid Commercial Products LLC
Winchester, VA 22601 USA

Cold Food Pans: 100P, 101P, 102P, 102P-86, 104P, 105P, 106P, 108P, 108P-86, 110P, 111P, 112P, 113P-24, 114P, 114P-86, 116P, 117P, 118P, 119P, 120P-24, 123P, 124P, 125P, 126P, 127P-24, 128P, 128P-86, 130P, 131P, 132P, 133P, 134P, 134P-86, 139P, 140P, 141P
Food Boxes & Lids: 3300, 3301, 3302, 3303
Bouncer® Measuring Cups: 3210, 3215, 3216, 3217, 3218
Round Storage Containers: 5720-24, 5721-24, 5723-24, 5724-24, 5726-24, 5727-24, 5728-24, 5729-24
Bouncer® Scoops: 2882, 2884, 2886
Square Space Saving Containers: 6302, 6304, 6306, 6308, 6312, 6318, 6322

Link: www.inspection.gc.ca

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