Reducing, Reusing & Recycling

Rubbermaid Commercial Products works continuously to get more out of less material and resources, and to minimize waste.


We maintain a 12,000 gallon closed loop water system that we use for cooling our molds in our manufacturing processes. This system filters, introduces additives when necessary, and reuses the water.

Further, we test our wastewater every 6 months to ensure we are not emitting anything harmful.

Hydraulic Oil

We collect, reprocess, and regenerate 60,000 gallons of our hydraulic oil per year. Oil that we are unable to reclaim is sent through nationally known handlers who have the ability to reprocess it into usable fuel.

Our non-salvageable oily waste is soaked up with pellets that are then impregnated with an anaerobic microbe that eats the oil in nearly any condition.

Reground Plastics

Rubbermaid Commercial Products is committed to reducing waste. That is why we collect, regrind and re-use our plastic scrap. This has helped us reduce our plastic waste by 98% over the past 4 years.

Office Recycling Program

We support a robust plant/ office recycling program that addresses office waste, corrugated cardboard, plastic, stretch wrap, pallet/ wood, fluorescent light bulbs, aerosol cans, batteries, computers, and cell phones.

Energy/ Electricity

We use high-efficiency light fixtures and bulbs.

Carefull consideration is given to energy efficiency when purchasing new machinery, and is always looking for ways to make existing machinery more energy efficient.

RCP owns and operates its own power sub-station, and covers the maintenance, thus mitigating the burden on city utilities.

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